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As we eagerly await the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, take a moment to read through the latest Wizard Unite news, the soon-to-be mobile game iOS and Android hit from Portkey Games and Niantic, following the blockbuster release of Pokemon GO!

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Look, we get it. We got on the bandwagon a bit early. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release date has just now been confirmed for 2018, and we are already getting ready to set up shop to become the premier merchant for all your Wizards Unite needs ……

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Early November 2017, Harry Potter fans across the world rejoiced as Niantic confirmed the existence of the new augmented reality wizard world coming to iOS and Android. The launch follows Niantic’s release of one of the most successful games in mobile history, Pokemon GO. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a partnership between Niantic and Warner Bros, the latter whom just recently created a label specifically for the release of new Harry Potter games ……

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Although we can only go off of the sparse gameplay concepts that Niantic has hinted about, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is likely to be plagued by the same cheats and hacks that have haunted Pokemon GO ……