About Us

Shop Wizards Unite is the premier store for Wizards Unite account and item sales. We are a group of gamers who have years of experience in the e-Commerce business and love having the opportunity to sell gamers like yourself accounts and items to help improve your gaming experience. Our most recently established store for Pokemon GO, allows gamers to buy boosting services and accounts for Pokemon GO. We have been very successful and have loved every minute we’ve spent providing premium Pokemon GO accounts to trainers worldwide. When we heard about the release of Wizards Unite, needless to say we were stoked and decided to get our shop setup as soon as possible! We know our expertise in augmented reality gaming will allow us to provide some killer accounts and killer deals for our customers.

Until the final release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we will be using our store as a blog for Wizards Unite news. We will be making a post any time we hear any interesting news from Niantic, or if we have any thoughts regarding gameplay or anything we think is worth discussing. We encourage you to give us a bookmark and feel free to chime in if you have any suggestions for us or feedback. We are counting down the days until we are able to provide our fellow wizards and witches with the greatest Wizards Unite merch!